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Stay Tuned The “LUCKY” OttolBall Launching Monday April 14th 2014 Google+ Comments


Doesn’t matter how much… If you “WIN” with The OttolBall please Email us at...

Custom OttolBall?

Yes, you can have your own Custom Branded OttolBall for your, Non-Profit Company, Casinos, Chain...

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The “LUCKY” OttolBall…Our team has been hard at work this past year, perfecting our new and exciting product for market. The “LUCKY” OttolBall, IT”S A FUN WAY TO PICK LOTTERY NUMBERS, when you roll The OttolBall it creates suspenseful movements and lands face up with your number every time. This is the first ball/dice of it’s kind, with 60 sides, 59 numbers and a logo that determines to roll again or pick your own number all in a ball thats less than 2 inches in diameter. We invite you to use your imagination to invent new games and alternative uses. CHANGE YOUR LUCK. See Store Locations in top header.


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